People all over the house

Today there are motorbikers, cyclist and mountaniers all over the house.. 🙂

3 in the basement, 1 in the first floor , 6 in the upper floor, (2 of them in the hospital), 6 in the appartment , i guess. Bikes are stored in the toilet and for long term storage, one bike is in the bathtub… ha ha ha..

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1 Response to People all over the house

  1. fatcycling says:

    Hi there,
    I was just trying to email you but it seems like your email address isn’t working? My boyfriend Dan and I are currently taking a break from cycling from Mexico to Argentina. We made it to Bogota and are back on the road in February. We are currently planning our route down south. I’m mapping down Bolivia at the moment and found your Casa De Ciclista in La Paz. We wouldn’t be there until around May or June or so, we’ll get in touch again closer to the date. For now I was just wondering whether you could give me the street name you’re on so I can place it on our map already 🙂 You can reply to me at fatcycling2 at gmail dot com. Thanks a lot! Looking forward to meeting you in the New Year!
    Best wishes

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