About the Casa de Ciclistas. Part II

How exactly does the Casa de Ciclistas in La Paz work?

The CdC is intented to support itself. Cyclist help cyclist. They clean the house, cook, maintain the space in good shape for the ones who come afterwards. It is meant to be for and run by cyclists.
In this sense, the owner, or the one who runs it, is just an admistrator of the space given to cyclist.

Do you know Lucho from Trujillo?

Yes we do. He has been here in december 2010 and we spoke about how he runs his house, his guest. About his activities and so on.

Are there any rules?

Well yes, there is one. Use your common sense. That means in all cases that in case of doubt you better ask or wait untill you can ask before doing any mess. Phone numbers are given.
I ask you to use your head, and if not, use someones else, normal case: mine.

How do i apply to stay at one of the “casas”?

Mostly you drop us a line some days before you arrive so we can give the exact coordinates and can wait for you. If you can not, give us a call. You might have to wait. It can be that we are not there but maybe another cyclist. It is not likely that we will lead you to somewhere else, but do not surprise.

Only cyclist?

No. I hosted walkers, meaning wanderers, motorcyclists, climbers and also some customers that were simple enough to feel comfortable with little. Cyclist are the nicest among the travellers, i believe, but all other types of people in need of shelter are welcome. Pass the word.

What happened with the big house?

Hmm, there was a time by mid 2010 in which i had some 15 guests. They meet others and invited them by themselves causing some confusion.
At some point some french hippies on bikes, which should not be cyclist with hippie outlook, arrived and destroyed the harmony ruling there. No one felt responsible for damages, for dirt in the kitchen or bathroom, the main door remained open and since they did not know each other entry was granted to whoever rung the bell.

The last one closed the house after leaving, but doing the biggest mistake, leaving the dogs inside the house instead of in the garden! It cost a lot to clean all the carpets, furniture, etc., etc.

Can i stay at Luisas?

Well, now you can not. Luisas place was big and cozy, but she sold her house. Depending on many factors, you may be invited to her new place but it is small and away from the center.


Yes and no, the appartment has a double door and is inside the building. Just be careful closing the doors behind you. There is been no report on thefts in the last 3 years, but once we left the key on the lock and had to replace the cilinders and all the other keys. On another ocassion a group of columbian cyclist i met on the street got away with the laptop of an english guy and all the money which was left in the box. This is the wanted guy.

Last word

You are welcome to stay, relax, live, enjoy and use the internet. You shall keep the house tidy and from time to time help out at whatever is needed to be done. The internet is free as a contribution to the cause of the cyclists.


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  1. Buenos dias!

    Escrevo em portugues porque somente falamos espanhol, nao sabemos como escrever… Se preferirem podemos escrever em ingles tambem.

    Estamos viajando em bicicleta, no momento em Sicuani-Peru, em 7 ou 8 dias chegaremos a La Paz. Poderemos nos hospedar na Casa de Ciclistas? (os cicloturistas brasileiros da Nova Origem que nos indicaram a Casa). Temos tambem uma duvida com relacao a nosso retorno ao Brasil. Sabem se existe algum onibus (coletivo) que vai direto de La Paz para Sao Paulo-Brasil?

    Muito obrigada e ate breve!

    Rafaela e Antonio – Brasil

  2. Yves Caron says:

    Katja and I are two canadian cyclists. We have started our journey in Mexico on Oct., 4… we plan to arrive in La Paz on Wednesday or Thursday this week (june 8 or 9). We publish a blog: bicyclette_amerique_latine.katjaetyves@blogspot.com

    We visited the Casas in Medellin (Col), Cali (Col), San Augustin (Col), Tumbaco (Equ) and Trujillo (Per).

    Hope to meet you guys and exchange…

    Yves Caron

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